Kama Sutra – A Tale Of Love (OST)

Gênero Instrumental / OST
Ripado em 256 Kbps
70 MB

2.Maya’s Theme
3.Maya Takes Revenge
5.Wedding Song
6.Jai’s Flower
7.The Eternal Triangle – Mychael Danna/L. Subramaniam
8.Expulsion (Sajan Begha Ghar Aiye Ho) – Mychael Danna/L. Subramaniam
9.All Pure Spirit – Mychael Danna/L. Subramaniam
10.A Jewel Of The Gutter – Mychael Danna/L. Subramaniam
11.Red Hibiscus On Skin – Mychael Danna/L. Subramaniam
12.The Glory Of God Is In You – Ustad Vilayat H. Khan
13.Gold Dust Bacchanalia – Ustad Vilayat H. Khan
14.Marriage Of The Flying Spirit – Ustad Vilayat H. Khan
15.Examining, Examining – Ustad Vilayat H. Khan
16.Biki Is Insulted – Ustad Vilayat H. Khan
17.Come Paint My Breasts With Sandalwood – Indira Varma
18.Markings – Indira Varma
19.A Cry From The Heart – Ustad Vilayat H. Khan
20.My Flower – Ustad Vilayat H. Khan


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